Polperro’s Code of Ethics

Respect for the Environment, Community and our Partners and Managers
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We are committed to promoting our services in an honest fashion that faithfully represents the experience our customers may expect when they come aboard. We use our own images and ensure that potential customers know that what we are offering is an authentic wildlife experience. We also check to ensure that third party booking agents are doing the same.

Safety and Regulations

We are committed to being responsive to our customers’ needs while ensuring that we never compromise their safety or the regulations that protect the environment in which we operate and wildlife that we interact with.


We take great pride in a long history of providing quality personal service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Conducting tours where the stars of the show and the weather can do as they please can be a challenge, but what customers can be guaranteed is that our staff will be unwavering in the care they provide. We will strive to provide consistently excellent and reliable service that exceeds our guests’ expectations and thereby establish long-term relationships with them. We have teachers on school trips that first came out with us as students and parents bringing out their children who came out with their own parents or grandparents.

The Environment

Our social and environmental conscience will not be compromised by business decisions. We place the safety of our customers and the health of the fragile ecosystem in which we operate as our highest priority. We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment and encourage a sense of stewardship in those that experience one of our tours. We adhere to the principle of thinking globally, but acting locally. We are citizens of the world and understand that ecosystems are interconnected and issues like global warming have universal implications.


We will be willing and able to adapt to decisions made by our managers DEECA and PV that may affect our operating practices.


We will continue to work cooperatively with researchers, NGOs and other businesses.


We will remain steadfast to our driving philosophy of conservation through education.