Our Commitment

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Our Commitment

Polperro is committed to the protection of Port Phillip Bay’s marine environment and its’ iconic species for their own intrinsic values and for future generations.

Our ‘Conservation through Education’ philosophy is supported by our comprehensive planning framework, attention to detail and willingness to be responsive to feedback while at the same time refusing to compromise our commitment to environmental care.

Research and education are essential to the success of any environmental protection campaign. They represent vital sources of information that are used to gain an understanding of natural systems and their susceptibility to the impacts of human activities. However, ignorance and insufficient knowledge continue to be major concerns. We aim to help you understand the issues and support the protection of the marine environment.

How we conduct our tours and our involvement in the broader areas of environmental conservation are important to us. It drives the way we approach ecotourism and education.

Our Goals

Research goal

Investigate and consult on environmental issues by supplying detailed, comprehensive and balanced information to both the public and private sector.
Polperro has always been a strong supporter and partner of researchers and their initiatives that either relate specifically to the Bay’s dolphins or the wider marine environment that supports them.

Conservation-directed science and research programmes are incorporated into our operations and include citizen science initiatives (collaborative short and long-term data gathering projects). We we are always open to providing opportunities for researchers aboard. We believe that in order to advance the chances of Port Phillip Bay’s dolphin population, there is a need for the most up-to-date information to monitor their health and build a better understanding of their status, threats and management options.

Education goal

Develop, conduct and produce educational programs, seminars, articles and publications that raise environmental awareness.

Polperro Dolphin Swims’ ‘Conservation through education and interpretation’ philosophy is an elemental aspect of our identity. Polperro’s method is to entertain greatly, while educating gently. We believe that through showcasing the natural wonders of Port Phillip Bay, introducing people to its’ iconic species and informing them about the ecosystem that sustains them in an immersive, fun, safe and inclusive fashion, we can connect people to place and awaken a need to know and a need to care.

Community goal

Encourage environmental awareness and participation at the community level by ensuring that our services are accessible to local groups and schools as well as to larger public and private sector institutions.

Education + Inspiration (from nature) = Action (at a community level).

Staff profile and associated supporters

The accumulated knowledge of our multi-disciplined staff represents a broad information resource that is based on experienced investigation, education and conservation practices. We are a team of academics, lecturers, researchers, planners, artists, writers and photographers, and are committed to developing a greater understanding for the need to properly manage, respect and protect the natural environment.